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Bottom-up processing

Updated Jan 19 2024

Top-down thinkers have a linear thought process, a deductive approach, a “concept-before-the-details” type brain.

Bottom-up thinkers have an associative thought process, an inductive approach, a “details-before-the-concept” type brain.

Autistic people tend to belong overwhelmingly to the second category.1

Instead of fitting new information into a preexisting box, contextualizing based on prior knowledge–or even constrained by prior knowledge–the autistic mind takes in a bombardment of details and sorts it into a comprehensible picture.

Is this one reason you can give me Terra Ignota or Harrow the Ninth and I glom it like candy? The whole real world is basically puzzle-book worldbuilding.

  1. Embrace Autism: Thinking Styles in Autistic People ↩︎